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This Is Why You Need To GRIND! — 90 Days And Change 29–38 by Caleb Bourquin at Freelancing Nation


Look, when you are trying to reach a goal, sometimes you’ll need to “grind”, especially if you are falling behind on the set times you gave yourself to complete each task…

Don’t have any set times to complete tasks?

WTF are you doing!

Trust me, it may seem hard, weird or you may feel like you don’t need to set times but trust me YOU DO!

It took me a while to understand this concept because I felt like I always failed at reaching what it is I was going for…

I found out, it’s just a part of growth, it will happen and it has happened to all of us. What you need to do now is try again, and then if you fail once again, guess what… TRY AGAIN!

Look, you and I only have one life and with this one life, we MUST make our dreams happen, otherwise, it’s a waste and we will die with regret.

NOW, I do not want you to get either sad OR motivated by what I just said right here… I want you to figure out what steps you need to take to make changes, learn the skills it takes to keep discipline, and then make sure and share this video with your friends to help others out as well.

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Note: What this challenge is about is giving myself just over 90 days to complete my newest course and get my first 100 students!


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