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I’m Thinking Of Quiting This — 90 Days And Some Change (Day 50–54) by Caleb Bourquin at Freelancing Nation

I’m starting to get those thoughts of wanting to quit because I am becoming burnt out

How do I know?

From self-analysis, I have been able to discover what key components start to take place one by one and slowly enter back into my life.

These are mainly:

  • Gaming
  • Going out to eat bad food
  • Stop working out every morning
  • Lack of Self Discipline starts to happen

These will be different for everyone because everyone is different. The only way to notice this is to reflect on your own actions

Even though these may sneak into your life at times, there are various ways to get GET BACK Into the grove and I want to go over what I have found out here


Note: What this challenge is about is giving myself just over 90 days to complete my newest course and get my first 100 students!


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