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I’m About To Spend A $1,000 On Ads Tomorrow — 90 Days And Some Change (Day 44–49) by Caleb Bourquin at Freelancing Nation

Tomorrow is now Yesterday… ;p

So, I’m about to spend 1k in ads on Facebook within 40 days ($25 per day)… Pretty dang excited!

I’m confident in my funnel, it could fail, but I’m damn sure it’s going to work!

No matter what though, I will keep moving on.

ALSO, remember, there’s no reason you should be trying to make $2 off of $1 right up front on ads…

YOU MUST keep in mind that most sales will come from retargeting, keeping your face and product in front of them, and building trust with each lead!


Note: What this challenge is about is giving myself just over 90 days to complete my newest course and get my first 100 students!


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