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90 days and some change (Day 5 and 6/#2 and 3): An update and some EXCITING STUFF that’s happened by Caleb Bourquin at Freelancing Nation

First off, we are going to start this one on the next day, after I got the full Scrum layout finished… Let’s just say, I was still scared…

Thankfully, the next day was MUCH better due to something really cool that happened!

Just chilling in the backyard today and starting to knock out my eBook, even though it’s my usual day off!

What the freelancing legend Chris M. Walker over at said and then I go over an update on what all I did the last two days.

As I write this post on the 7th day now, it’s crazy to be able to see that I am only this far along and it feels like I have made more progress than the last month combined!

Actually, I can’t wait for the next post because I noticed how much clarity this layout has already brought me.

See you then…

Note: What this challenge is about is giving myself just over 90 days to complete my newest course and get my first 100 students!


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