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90 days and some change (Day 4, Video #1): Getting to my first course goal step-by-step layout by Caleb Bourquin at Freelancing Nation

Scrum… the final frontier for freelancing

What is up here guys and gals, yeah I know that was random as hell know but I just wanted to come and actually say that I want to start documenting my growth throughout making my first course.

I do not know how many people know that I am making a course, so that’s why I kind of wanted to document it. Also, I kind of wanted to show myself for my future reference on how I went about doing everything, and how I sort of went through the problems run into.

So, what I decided to do was straight up start documenting my day today.

I do not want to say it is a Vlog type of thing, but I wanted to go ahead and give myself a certain amount of days, to reach a goal.

Due to wanting to achieve the goal, I found something recently called Scrum to help with it. It is a framework that SaaS companies, and pretty much a way to lay everything out and also allow you to see if you are on schedule.

Anyways, I’ll quickly lay out what this video goes over and lay it out here… I used an app to transcribe this and it’s VERY long. I don’t want to edit anymore so:

  • I went and broke down how Scrum sorta works and why it’s great to lay everything out
  • Why I think it would be cool to document everything and also that I make money in what I am teaching. That is NOT to say like “look at me, I’m so cool”, no, it’s simply to state that I am teaching this because I know a little bit about how to make money with Freelancing and also I enjoy teaching…. Also, I like the money as well, I ain’t no saint, everyone needs money. I am simply trying to help others create their first money online.
  • I’m scared that this will not work out and it’s possible that it will not. I am however much more confident that it will work out due to changing a lot over the 7ish years in business.
  • I breakdown everything I am doing and have written down.
  • I explain how these videos and documentation will work.

Let’s get back to work!

Note: What this challenge is about is giving myself just over 90 days to complete my newest course and get my first 100 students!


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I wouldn’t read it if I was you, but I wanted to show that I wasn’t lying… it’s long (and not super great lol)


I guess overall view really quick overall view is straight up and that it’s just breaking down everything that you need to be able to reach a certain goal, and pretty much going and sprints or working in Sprint’s is what they call it, and I don’t really know exactly all that goes into it, to be honest. But I just know kind of what the general basis, and that I need to write every freaking thing down that I can think of, with every single thing that I need. So that’s exactly actually what this is right here and when I, When I started the video off with here but now since this is my first day, actually, I’ve been doing a documentation and everything like that I just kind of wanted to give a brief overview on what I actually wanted to do. And also as well kind of what all I’m doing so. What I was kind of thinking her and not kind of thinking actually am trained to do is get my first hundred students in the first course that I’ve ever made. And the first course that ever made is a freelancing course and that’s where I make most of my money well, I guess not most of my money that’s where I started, I guess you could say I make most of my money from like client work and stuff like that now, but where I started anyways with like the whole entire entrepreneurial online marketing type of thing was from freelancing right and what freelancing is is pretty much just, you don’t really know what it is but it’s pretty much just selling a certain services, micro services on a marketplace. And they can range from any sort of niche rather if it’s software rather if it’s some sort of marketing such as what I do SEO rather if it’s paid advertisements you know there’s there’s tons of different things just, most people think of Fiverr. If you ever heard of that when they go into freelancing or go look for freelancing so anyways not but I just wanted to go ahead and create a course that goes over how to exactly, go into a freelancing platform and start to make money online, so just kind of like how I went about it. And what I’ve learned throughout that entire process of doing so. I want to be able to teach other people because one will I really enjoy teaching, I’m not gonna lie, I do. It just makes me feel good to actually know that I could potentially like have an impact on somebody else’s life. I’ve always been that way and it’s just something that I honestly just enjoy. Obviously I like the money to know, don’t get me wrong I’m not some saint and just like, just like most people ain’t saying like you know just, you know, it’s just all because of the passion that I have no I mean I do have a passion for it but still have, I need to make money too right we all need to live right. So, no, but I wanted to just kind of start kind of documenting exactly what I’m going to be doing what I kind of want to do I kind of wanted to do some sort of 90 day sprint sort of thing, and or overall goal I guess you could say, and I didn’t really want to just call it a 90 day because everybody calls it that so I was gonna like say 90 day and some change, I don’t know. But pretty much what the actual goal is so like I said I’m just going to kind of break it down some of the things here. So, what the actual goal is and you can see up here is if it focuses that’d be great. It’s pretty much just getting 100 students in my course. Second is going to be going and doing five of those students actually having some sort of success with the actual course and I actually have what the success means right they’re gonna food focus. Pretty much what it means is, I want a couple of people that I have taught how to actually make some sort of money with freelancing, and it’s also a bonus there if they get like their ads set up, or some sort of like website or doing YouTube, or something like that, because again, I teach those things in the course. Now, again this is the program to promote the course I’m just telling you what I am doing there so anyways now that’s that’s what success means right with the students right. So, what I want to be able to do is have this done by all by July 31. And because I’m actually moving out I just moved to California, and with actually my, my buddy who’s also an entrepreneur he’s a software developer. But, anyways we’re actually making a podcast together as well just just FYI, but no but anyways. No, so we’re going to be moving to Florida from California, in about four months, I think is August from now, because today is what it is for for sorry there’s a lot of flipping around to the camera here that’s for 2019 2020, right, Jesus this thing is not focusing anyway so yeah that’s what I’m kind of wanting to do is by July 31, is that I want to do pretty much it would be 90 days from now almost, and some changes are like I said I want to call it, right, so that’s what I’m doing there.

I want the actual course itself done within the next 30 days and then me running ads and everything like that for those first 100 students and five successful students at minimum, there as well so I’ll kind of go into just a quick overview of what all that means when I say that like the actual course done because my course isn’t done by the way. And that’s totally fine for and I’ve already made some sales as well so and that’s totally fine by the way to have it’s not a big deal. Just as long as I’m still consistently moving at actually going and getting the course done that’s what really matters. So, and also as well still having enough there to be able to teach people at least the basics, and then some, some of the more like advanced stuff as well, in which I have pretty much most of the face basic stuff, just some of the more advanced stuff is still what I have to make but again it’s still good to just start making money with it, because it did take a lot, a lot of time of my time to go and record all the videos that I have so far and everything like that but I’m not going to get into that right now. So, actually. First off, one thing that I do want to say, and before I want to preference this I should actually preface it preferenced it before actually even started video. But why I’m doing this by the way, I’m doing it this way where everything’s like broken down and stuff like that and I’m really glad that I was able to learn about this whole entire Scrum thing is, because of the fact that I’ve always had trouble with going and starting things now.

I’m sorry, I’ve always had trouble with actually going and finishing things that I’ve started, that’s the better way to put it. Like most entrepreneurs and actually some that I even talked to on the daily I know are like this as well, is that I go ahead and start a project I jump into it.

In only recently have I any of the ones that have jumped into actually made money because it took me a good couple of years to figure out how to actually like go into something and have enough knowledge from my other stuff that I’ve done before. Other failed businesses that I actually make some sort of money with it right so anyways. With that being said though.

It is something that I’ve always had trouble with is to just jump into a business and start it like I was saying like a lot of entrepreneurs had so I have. So, with this one. I’ve already had, or already been kind of running a semi successful business, business doing my freelancing which by the way is called drip the nation is my brand. It’s freelancing, and also I have clients of my own that I do marketing services for right. So, I’ve already made money online and started to make money online so doing now, a actual course over that is something that still, it’s not. I mean, it is new because I’ve never taught directly taught in like a course before so it’s, I guess it is. It is new, but it’s still wrapped around the current business that I’m doing because I’m pretty much just teaching, what I’ve done, you know before I’ve actually done it I’m not one of these people that have gone and just like say that they’ve done it and they like just started themselves right. No I’ve actually I’ve actually made a couple couple thousand dollars a couple. I think the last time I checked was like $35,000, with my freelancing stuff and then I think it was like 70k 80k 90k somewhere around there I can’t remember exact numbers for my actual like client work and stuff like that so far. Right, so again that’s not even very much. For some people, again, that may be a lot. Again, I’m not even talking about monetary right now so don’t even don’t even look at that. I’m just simply stating that I’ve done a couple of things I’ve actually already made some sort of money even though it may be not too much compared to what most people may Cray. I’ve actually made some sort of money in it so I’ve got a little bit more knowledge and all this stuff right so I’m actually able to go and start a course and be able to actually know how to promote it. And or at least know how to do the research to promote it, things like that so I was like well because I already know that. I want to actually do something that I never have done before. And honestly, I don’t like doing. And that’s exactly what this is. That’s exactly what I’m trying to do here is writing everything out every single thing that I wouldn’t need per like subject and actually going and giving myself a specific amount of days I don’t know if you can see that there. Yeah, it says it right there I know it’s all jumbled and stuff like that but that’s just how I write anyways yeah that three to four days is is giving me. Just what that one was actually this one, sorry for flipping the camera around. Yeah, that one was actually the three four days is literally laying out Scrum. So that’s what this paper is right, three to four days and that’s from the 426 I actually, that’s actually three days ago now that I actually started this I just wanted, I just thought about, I should actually be documenting this stuff so that’d be pretty cool actually I thought about that yesterday But anyways, you’re just gonna happen but anyways. With that being said, I want to be able to have something down here so I can actually know all that I need to go through and just kind of have it all laid out for me so that way I can just kind of go day by day, just, you know, knocking things out one by one, and having like little micro sprints like this is its own thing right here right so the layout of Scrum is its own thing I have to do an E book. Right, I had to do an E book for my funnels and stuff like that so that’s going to be, I think it’s yeah four to five days, and then a couple more days for some of the editing to be done. Because I’ll have to send it off to be edited and then have it come back and do a couple of things there. Then I have like funnel pages broken down right so I have my opt in page I’ll need that. And then also as well I have my sales page so this is going to be my. I’m not on the thing, sorry. This is going to be my sales page for my first actual sections of my course I’m splitting into by the way. At least, that’s what I’m thinking right now is I’m going to have sections one through nine actually as like a monthly payment at a really stupid cheap price. And then also, as well. I’m going to have a Next, the actual like more advanced stuff, and its own price, probably for 179 a month I believe that’s what I’m trying to price it at. And, yeah, that’s what that is there, and then nothing more on there.

Yeah, then okay so yeah, coming back to my order funnel pages again I’ll have my order confirmation. Right. And then also as well have testing the funnel so I got to test the funnel that’s, that’s two or three days so Oh, by the way, I’m sorry.

Actually I didn’t give myself days for this one yet for my funnel pages like I said, My Scrum isn’t done yet isn’t done yet. I have today and tomorrow to actually knock them out.

So that’s that there.

Yeah, so that that doesn’t have like actual days yet on it, then testing the funnel out to actually go and test my funnel again don’t have the day set for that one.

Gotta go and edit more or read the rest of my videos so I have sections one through five are actually done right now on my course, and are well I’m sorry one through nine are recorded and one through five are actually edited. So editing videos, is one thing that I didn’t think would take a long time, and it does take a long time. So I had to learn that that’s one of the things that I just had to frickin learn as I as I was going along with this I didn’t know that that was going to be one of the problems I ran into but it was. And hey, you just got to frickin just deal with it right you just got to deal with it. Keep moving break it down and make it happen right and that’s exactly what I had to do with this. So, with that being said though.

Yeah, so one through five is actually edited and in the actual course right now and it’s still at beta so it’s. That’s why I say it’s fine to have it I just call him beta test phase right now that the course is in and actually it’s super cheap right now, but anyways.

With that being said, like I said, I do have one through nine recorded right now, and I’m just slowly going to be editing those videos, as I go along with all of this right now. And then like I said that, just edit the rest of them that’s pretty much what that means there is I’m just going to edit the rest of the videos.

Yes. So after that though I’ve got some automation that I want to do in my Facebook. In the actual Facebook group. So I have a couple of days to do, I’ll probably just do that one or two days it won’t take too long just some like posts and some reminders and stuff that I want to do. And then also as well I want to actually start doing webinars so QA webinars type of thing we’re actually going to answer questions for my students that are in right now so I’ll want to do that as well and that actually is going to start.

I’m going to have the first one scheduled of what it says right here. 30 days after I actually start ads which are over here somewhere sorry I’m not pointing in the camera you can’t see me anyways yeah, then I’ve got some forms to do so. This is some forms that have to do for the unlocking that I want to do. And that may actually be changing I’m not sure I’ve got a couple ideas on that but that doesn’t matter.

Then also as well so this is the second part so this is actually so like it says right here I’m not sure if you can see that but I want to do this, like I said, the 30 days is where I actually want to go and start actual ads and stuff like that so all of this stuff before all of this and then all this on the back here. I actually want this to be all done within 30 days and I can definitely do that. That’s why I have this laid out though. That’s why I want to have this laid out though because it really like.

I set it up, and that’s what you do with Scrum as well but you set it up so that you give yourself a, a nice variety of days, but a certain amount of days and then you add like one or two just to be able to give yourself a little bit of extra time with it as well. So, I think that was a pretty cool concept to be able to learn about and actually my buddy Leon was the one that told me to do that. So thank you, Leon but actually he’s the guy that we’re doing the podcast. I mean him are doing the podcast but anyways yeah so that’s that there and then yeah so after that though after the 30 days I’ll still have about 60 left, depending again on you know because things can change and stuff like that. Some days I won’t want to work at all you know just regular parts of being entrepreneur you don’t, you know, obviously you try to be as consistent as possible right you try to be as consistent as possible and getting your health and wellness and working out and eating the right foods and stuff like that listening to Sam ovens that’s a huge one as well. No for real though that is, and doing that type of stuff it helps a lot with like the focus and consistency and all that sort of jazz and I know I’m sort of kind of rambling here I’m sorry but no it’s definitely good to know. And again, like I said before, actually doing this I didn’t really have that. And that may be another reason why I actually don’t like making schedules like this are like layouts of everything that I needed to do, because it never got done because I again I would just start it and then never get the friggin project done right so yeah so that that may be another thing is like, because I had problems with like my focus and my eating and stuff like that, or I have problems with my focus and not wanting to do work and you know mentality and you know mindset and stuff like that. It’s because I had problems with like my eating and my diet and not working out and you know not getting rid of distractions where I could rather if it’s on my phone rather if it’s social media crap that I don’t need rather if it’s gaming, you know, rather if it’s freakin smoking marijuana or you know drinking or my problems with tobacco, I had a lot of problems with that, you know, whatever the case may be getting rid of that crap and just completely stopping it because you know that it’s hindering your success is absolutely freaking huge and I wish more people would understand that and like start to learn about that anyways it’s very good information to know and I want to actually start teaching about that.

But anyways, with that being said, let’s get back to this. So, yeah, sorry about the random, random thing there but anyways yeah so so yeah next would be the actual second part of the beta so I again I because I don’t have everything done, which I actually did not have in this yet is going and making actually, sorry, the camera. Going actually doing right here, 10 through 14 which are my other sections. I have to go and actually record those and then edit. So since those won’t be done yet. I’m going to just start running ads to sections, one through nine still that are done, of course, just to the course, but, you know, and those will be added on later but, again, there’ll be relatively quickly added in. As I’m running ads and stuff like that but. And then I’ve got retargeting here as well. For the last one up here so far and then like I said a couple more things like you know making new videos, and also doing affiliate outreach for my actual course itself but anyways rather than that though. Yeah, that’s, that’s a handle that may sound like a lot in this video did last a while a lot longer than I thought it would but since it’s the first one I kind of wanted to just kind of go over everything that I’m wanting to do within this 90 days and some change that perfect header headline though. 90 days and some change. Anyways now, but for although that’s what I wanted to do, and that’s what I am going to be doing now.

I was definitely scared on making this video because what I’m not scared of making this video because I’m used to making videos now from making doing like courses and stuff that’s totally fine I’m scared of the fact that I’m going to have this like I’m going to do all this like writing down and going to start this, but I’m not going to actually get the freakin project done or get to visit goal of 100 students in the course right. And I’m not going to make that happen and that’s a potential I mean it could definitely happen that way I don’t know, right, the only what what I can do, though, the only thing I can do though is hedge my bets, to be the best, as I possibly can be with the whole entire thing. So a part of that hedging of the bets is having it clearly laid out on what all I need to do. And also, as well just keep as consistent as possible daily. Right. With my, you know, getting better at eating or getting, I guess back into the, you know, eating the right foods and stuff like that because I was out of it for a while I did it for a while but then I was out of it.

And also as well, making sure I’m consistent with working out every single day which I have been getting back into my routine of doing that.

And, yeah, just just, you know, getting back focused on things and I definitely have been doing, doing much better these last couple of days.

And, yeah, also being able to like record this and just kind of be able to have a new mentality since the last time that I did this sort of structure. Definitely, you know, I guess it’s been it’s been actually a good few months since I’ve started any new project or. I mean even that that’s a really isn’t a new project because again it’s like wrapped around my current business. So it’s been a few months since I’ve done anything that’s like, Like the next step I guess you could say in my business. So, yeah that’s that’s huge. So, yeah, but anyways, with that being said as well. I don’t know if they’re I don’t think there’s anything much else to talk on that I haven’t talked on me yet. I don’t know but if there is then I’ll document it again, like I said in a later video but like I said, I want to do these every day possibly I may do them every other day, and there may be a little bit of a, a time expands, or whatever, whatever I’m trying to say. There may, I may not upload the video until like the next day or so with that whichever what I’m doing so that just know that that may be a thing as well. And I’m not sure if I want to do like a transcription of each of these videos I made do that too. And it’s just gonna be a free thing on frickin Google Docs but anyways I may do that too and just put it on like a medium or something like that or like a blog or something because I want to do. I want to be able to get some sort of, you know, actual like people that are able to come and check this out and see what I’m doing and potentially like have some sort of impact on them as well, maybe, maybe get them in the mood to freakin go and, you know, write all their stuff out and you know any of you entrepreneurs out there who are trying to make something happen, right, write all your stuff out and actually like sit down and know that you’re gonna frickin focus on the damn thing, and he consistent with it, and you can be consistent with it, as, as while I am as well. And to be able to hear from any of you guys doing that that was pretty freakin amazing to be able to hear as well I mean, I know that I’m going to stay consistent with this I damn sure know that I will even if it does take me a little bit longer than I anticipated. I damn sure we’ll be doing so because again, I have that knowledge now from actually like making money and stuff like that on the internet. And I guess with my own business that’s weird to say but I guess it is it is it is honest, you know I’m being honest with that. I have that knowledge now that it is possible. So, you know, starting actual, like, if you’re starting out right now. It may sound like a hell of a lot, or it may sound like something that you’re just not confident in yourself in right or confident with yourself with right but i don’t know i just i just have a lot more confidence now I guess you could say because of the fact that, again, I’m not trying to toot my own horn or anything i don’t i don’t mean for it to sound like that whatsoever. No, I’m just saying I have more confidence now I seriously do because I actually have something already, right. So, anyways, like I said though for somebody else to be able to, you know, give, give me some something they’re doing as well you know it doesn’t have to be a 90 day or some shit like that you don’t have to go and do that you know 90 days and change or anything like that but just to be able to have like, you know, show me that you have something laid out, and like a project that you’re working on or, you know, something like that. That would just be freakin cool so anyways I’m not gonna have this video drag on any longer than it is and hopefully you’ve got some sort of value over this and hopefully you really enjoyed like my whole entire scrub my paper of absolute craziness here. Just, just the way that I take notes right so that that’s just me So anyways, like I said, this is the first video of my 90 days and some change documentation I guess you can call it. And, yeah, let’s go ahead and get back to freakin work. All right, let’s make this thing happen.


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